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Hello. I have a Code 50, and I found a DSL100H and a 1960 cab on craigslist yestarday for a good price so I snached them up!

So what Im planning to do is get an 1/8 to 1/4 adaptor and using the headphone out jack from the Code 50 as a effects brick for the DSL100 as the 50 has no out jacks other than the headphone one. Itll be a few days before the adaptor arrives so I thought Id ask how well this will work so Im not so disappointed, lol.

Ive done this before hundreds of times with non tube amps, but I dont want to blow up my new babys tubes.

Ive only had the code for about a month or so. If this doesnt work, Im planning on trading the Code in for a rack effects brick. Or mayber getting a mixer and routing the USB output that way..





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