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I purchased an AS50D amp a while ago, and while I've otherwise been extremely happy with it, when it arrived the caps fell off many of the knobs, which is obviously annoying since I can't see what the current settings are.

I contacted the (Swiss, German-speaking) vendor, who contacted Marshall, and they shipped me a baggy of replacement knobs.


Naively it appears that I should be able to pull the old knobs off and push these on (as I see no evidence of a set-screw anywhere). However, applying reasonable force with my hand or even prying with a screwdriver, I can't get the old knobs to come off. I don't want to risk applying a large force until I'm more confident that I'm following the correct procedure and won't break anything. 

So, my questions are

- are these in fact the correct replacement knobs?

- what is the recommended procedure to replace the knobs?

- if I am supposed to simply pull the old knobs off, should I expect to apply a lot of force?

- if not and these are the correct knobs, what is the recommended procedure to replace the knobs?

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Patrick S

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Patrick S
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