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First pairing is OK but after a restart NEVER the Blue Light goes on and, its clear,  no auto reconnect.What is the Problem?Please Fix It!

I use iphone 6s ,  ipad Air,  Samsung J5 and a old Samsung Node.NO Device works. (Android and iOS)

From my Point of View the Code 25 is the Problem not the Devices, because Bluetooth goes not ON if you turn the Code ON.

Please ask me its a Bug and you can FIX it with a new Bluetoot Version or is a Hardware Problem and you cant fix it.

Many Customers waiting for a Fix over 1 Year!!!!

I have the Code 25 just one Day and update the newest FW via Crome with my Mac.

If you cant fix the Problem i send the Amp back to the Dealer in Germany and get my Money Back.

I have a lot Amps from Marshall (like Slash Sounds) but this is a shame.




asked 11 Apr 2019 at 11:01 PM

Roman Binder (3)
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