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I have a Marshall Code 50 running MCU version 1.44 and Gateway (Android version 1.5.5) on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ running the latest OS. I can bluetooth pair to the amp and play music, but can not connect to the amp to change my presets from the library.  I have reloaded the latest firmware on the amp, deleted and reinstalled the Gateway app, paired and unpaired several times.  Nothing seems to work.  I even grabbed my old Galaxy S7 Edge phone and that Gateway app on it does the same thing.  Does my amp need to be serviced for Bluetooth connectivity?

asked 03 Aug 2020 at 12:12 PM

Kent Knudsen (1)






Hello, I have acquired the CODE 25, really an excellent amplifier, very versatile and very good presets. My problem and please I hope you help me to resorve it, is that even though I can connect via Bluetooth, I can listen to my tracks ....... the big problem is that when I want to use the FX or presets it appears that there is no amplifier connected ... (either from my android phone or my Ipad I ... I do not understand what the problem is.) Secondly, when I want to install the MARSHALL FIRMWARE UPDATE UTILITY, to enter presets or update the ampli, does not recognize the connection.I request guidance to be able to make full use of such a beautiful tool for my music.I use Widows 10 and G. Chrome.For your attention, thank you very much

asked 16 Oct 2018 at 05:55 AM

Luis Ernesto Espinoza Guerra
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