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So I bought a Marshall CODE 50 a bit ago, and with nearly device I've tried - there seems to be a lot of issues with getting the gateway app to connect to the amplifier in general (most of the time it doesn't work - despite pairing just fine). 

I've tried this on the Samsung Galaxy S8, iPad 5th generation, iPhone 7+ - The connection issues seem to stem from the apps use of Btle on these devices. 

To experiment, I built an application that connects to the amplifier via bluetooth for Windows, and issues commands to the amplifier through the PC. This application uses a "classic" (SPP /RFCOMM) socket connection to send commands. The application works perfectly fine via this means - it can be seen running below: 

As an experiment - is there a way to force the mobile applications (if it isn't using a btclassic / rfcomm connection) to use a btclassic connection as opposed to btle? 

Thanks and all the best, 

Michael Mendelson

Principle Engineer, Pulse Interactive

Lead Software Engineer, Pirahna Bytes RED

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michael Mendelson (11)

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michael Mendelson (11)
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