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Please fix this, Marshall!

The only way to listen music on Woburn is via cableless connection. You cant plug your TV or DVD player in it, as it has a huge delay. 

I've spoke with someone of Marshall team, and I was adviced that, this product is not ment to be used with TVs, Piano, Guitar or any other devices. So, how many speakers I need to own in my house? One for music, a soundbar for TV, amp for my guitar?

I would giveup multi-room feature if AUX and/or RCA had no latency!

If I did know there would be latency over AUX and RCA I would never buy this expencive speacker! Bose Soundlink had the same issue, but they DID FIX it with with an firmware update. Why Marshall didn't fix it yet?
So Please dear Marshall team! If you read this, please! Fix the latency over RCA or / and AUX so I can love my speaker again.

asked 05 Nov 2019 at 09:15 AM

Ivan Margitin (2)
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