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Hello, I need advice. How and where do I register Amplifier Code 100?  You can register footswitch PEDL 91009, PEDL-10025 GV-2 Guv'nor plus, PEDL-10026 BB2 Bluesbreaker, Headphones MONITOR ?  I live in the Czech Republic, where I bought the goods in e-shop

Amplifier in combination with PEDL 91009 is really supreme . I have a month and I play all the time, much better than FENDER.

For my use bad Windows software. I'm using CODE Patch Editor, there's a lot of options and there's nothing extra. Is there any other code software? Where I can edit and create new presets, play Backing Tracks. Similar Fender FUSE. I would like to buy it :-)                                                        

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Regards, Michal :-)

                                                      !!!!!!! MARSHALL FOREVER!!!!!!!!

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Michal Šušlík

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Michal Šušlík
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