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I am a recent ower of a Marshall Origin 20, which I got in July. I've really enjoyed the amp until I plugged in last night and got out absolutely no sound out of it. I couldn't figure out why, as nothing as happened to it and it worked fine two days ago. I took it apart to do some trouble shooting and found that when I have all the knobs max'd and output on 20 watts, I can hear a whisper of my guitar signal (nicely saturated, presumably by the preamp tubes) through the speaker. This sound is affected by all of the knobs. However, if I plug my guitar directly into the return of the effects loop, and activate the effects loop I get no sound whatsoever; no guitar, no hum, nothing. Because of this, I'm sure my speaker is not the problem. These things led me to think it was a power amp section issue, so I went down and purchased a new set of matched EL34's, threw them in there, and nothing changed. I'd really like to know if there's anything I can do to fix this, because this amp is not even a year old and I should not be having these kinds of problems with completely normal bedroom use.




asked 12 Sep 2020 at 06:27 PM

Alex Peters (1)






Hi there,

I had a Marshall dsl40cr brand new and out the box it "hissed" and "wooshed" quite bad, so much so I had to send it back.

I was sent a replacement that was alot better, but still a touch of noise.

This isn't electrical noise or interference - I know what that sounds like - this is something different.

It's only recently I've been too bothered, as it seems a lot of people have this issue.

My second issues is, when swapping between the 2 master volumes there is a popping noise - that's regardless of if 1 is higher than 2 or vice versa. It's like a static pop and happens via footswitch or on the panel.

I been reading the noise can be due to caps and resistors that need swapping and the popping is due to a faulty controller. Surely if these are known problems, this should be covered.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


asked 13 May 2020 at 02:38 PM

Nathan Martin
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