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I know I can override any CODE amp preset with CODE USB connections from the website or by changing on my phone while connected and saving either on the phone and/ or amp.  But How do direct amp changes work with Gateway while disconnected and then synced later on?

 In other words, if I save modifications on my amp to a particular preset and I am not connected to my gateway on my phone, when I do connect and sync later, which setting wins?  Does the phone setting override the amp-stored setting (ie. back out the mods made on the amp / push the settings to the amp from the phone) or does the phone pick up the modified amp setting from the amp and store it in Gateway (ie, pull the settings from the amp and store in my phone)?  

Also, I have the first 30 presets set up for ones I use to perform and are addressable using code programmable foot controller.   If I want to archive/backup those presets someplace to guard against an unplanned need to do a factory reset, does it make sense to store them perhaps in the cooresponding setting in my Library ( the blue section of My Gateway )  That way i can bring them into the amps and store them one at a time from the library back into the presets on the amp, or is there a better way to backup/restore presets in the event of a factory reset?




asked 07 Jan 2019 at 06:20 PM

Stephen Sterner
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