Harman Kardon aura or Marshall Woburn?


Hello guys I’m building my pc and I wanted the most beautiful and strong speaker for both my pc and my living room. Which one do you suggest ?

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mickey holland
I have a Woburn and Stanmore. The Woburn sounds great wired but bluetooth is a bit weak. Pretty typical for bluetooth though. You need an app with preamp boost to boost the signal to sound more like wired. It sounds like a warm tube jukebox only with much better definition. The soundstage is quite narrow because despite being stereo the speakers are so close together you don't get the broad open stage of two separate speakers. But you do get a lot of depth. Voices like Freddy Mercury sound amazing with a lot of detail you miss with most speakers that aren't more audiophile oriented.

I ended up getting a stanmore recently with WIFI. The wifi sounds great but is currently limited to Spotify which was the only thing I could find that supports it.

I now have both in my study hooked up to my instrument interface I use for my guitar. Stanmore on left channel left side of my computer monitor and Woburn about 4 feet to the right near the corner. Using mono to stereo cables for the separate left and right channels. So I have both speakers working working to form a stereo pair. Sounds great.

The Woburn still sounds best wired, probably due to limitations in Bluetooth which is designed to be low bitrate and fairly compressed with a weaker signal to save bandwidth and battery power. Hopefully they will make WIFI more accessible to desktop computers as I haven't found a way to play general windows audio from my computer to the speaker. I have to use Spotify which supports the speaker directly.

Marshall really need to invest more in driver support for desktop computers to enable general windows WIFI audio.
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Hello Mickey,

We cannot comment on the Harman Kardon, but we would recommend looking at the www.marshallheadphones.com website as this will give you all the information you require regarding the Woburn. 


Kind Regards

Marshall Support.

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