Roland Boss ME 70 and CODE50, NO SOUND AT ALL!!


Hello everyone!! I have the guitar multi effect pedal board BOSS ME 70 and the MARSHALL CODE50. I connect the guitar with the ME70 and then the ME70 with the guitar amp through the L. Mono output. I tried various type of connections, NO SOUND at all. The guitar works fine with the CODE50 alone and the pedal board works fine if used with the guitar and other amps. Help anyone?! 

multi effect board boss ME70 Boss ME 70

asked 06 Jan 2019 at 11:58 AM

Nick Grigoropoulos
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Hi Nick,

If the amp works with the guitar plugged into it, we would think it’s an issue with the outputs on the Boss ME70. Does the ME70 work going into other amps using the mono output? Have you tried the headphone out into the Code to see if they gets any signal? 

Also maybe try turning off any amp/cabinet emulation on the ME70 (if possible).

Marshall Support

answered 07 Jan 2019 at 04:17 PM

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