Wanting to buy a Marshall amp


I made a post a little while ago seeking alternative options to a used JCM/DSL half stack since that would likely be way too loud. My take away was that I would try to pick up a DSL20HR and a 2x12 cab. I can spend good money for this, becouse I won on the Spin Palace - I found it on this page https://casinos-rate.com/spin-palace-casino-app.html. So here is what I want.

Problem is that the DSL20HR and 2x12 cabs are not very popular on the used market so i'd either have to buy new or buy on ebay and ship. In any event - that is more expensive (~25%) than just picking up a used DSL100H/1960A half stack which are flooding the used market in my area right now. Even the DSL40 combos are only marginally cheaper than a half stack

I don't mind spending a little extra if there is actually a benefit to going the DSL20HR/ 2x12 cab route (tone / performance wise) but it honestly seems like its more expensive to go that route with no benefits.

Thoughts? Should I just get a half stack?


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Nataly Pavlenko

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Nataly Pavlenko
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