better option for me: JCM 800 or SC20



I’m trying to decide which amp to get. My ultimate goal is to get out there and start gigging. I love big, dumb rock songs and have more or less narrowed down my search to a JCM 800. Here’s where my dilemma comes in.

For the same price, I can get either 1990 JCM 800 (50 watt) and a 1960A cab of indeterminate year or the little SC20 amp and cabinet.

Since I want to start gigging out, I am leaning toward the full-sized amp, with worries that it might be too loud even. However, since most of my playing is at home, I like the idea of the lower powered SC20. The one I played sounded super good at around-the-house levels. I am worried it won’t suffice if I try to gig with it. I have never played through an 800. (Or any half stack, for that matter. Right now my main amp is a Deluxe Reverb.)

So I guess what I want to know is which one is the better option for me? Do I prioritize stage volume or home volume? Does anyone even need a big, loud amp nowadays, or is a smaller, miked-up amp better in the long run?

asked 20 Dec 2021 at 03:53 AM

Natxlie Wood (1)
I used to own an SC20. I personally found it was too loud for indoor use when I had thin walls to my neighbours. Then when I went to use it with my hard hitting drummer it wasn't loud enough for both our likings. Before I moved back to the UK I had to sell the SC20 because of the different voltage. I picked up a DSL100HR head as they are really cheap here at the moment and I found that while it obviously had a ton more power on tap its actually a LOT more easy to control at house volumes due to the extra master volume. I wish Id bought one sooner. Its rather heavy and bulky but you might find that the DSL40 might be exactly what you are looking for, as its more portable and it has the extra master volume too. There is a channel that reminds me a lot of the JCM800. The SC20 just doesn't have the heavy thump of the bigger amps, even though it does sound great. - Ian Cashman 21 Dec 2021 at 01:53 PM
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