Marshall DSL 100 HR Silent recording


Hi. I have a Marshall DSL 100 HR head and i wanted to use the "silent recording" feature but i cant find the proper steps on how to do so,  and i would rather consult with the Marshall team before trying anything out. From what i understand, because i dont have a load box like a Torpedo Captor or anything like that, i still need to have my cabinet connected to the head, but after that i dont know how i should connect and/or do things. A step by step guide would be greatly appreciated.


asked 04 Jul 2022 at 07:57 PM

Stefan Cvetevski
Amp on standbye mode then your amp is ready for silent recording. The sound is only audible on the di-output e.g. to a recording desk/ mixer/ headphones . You don´t need a load box/ the cabinet is not audible. Amp´s master is without function, only channel gain and channel volume are working.
- Konrad Martin 17 Aug 2022 at 02:30 PM
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Hi Stefan,

Konrad is correct but make sure the cabinet is always plugged in.




answered 01 Nov 2022 at 01:56 PM

Simon Coulston (12)
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