Multi-effects pedal (GX100) on a JCM800 SC…


Alright y’all, this rookie here needs some advice and pointers regarding multi effects pedal and tube amps.

A little background…

I got my first tube amp about a year ago, love the thing. I slowly built a pedalboard with the basics (tuner, compressor, MXR classic distortion, tube screamer, holy grail reverb, Joyo delay, modded GE-7 EQ, JHS black box, chorus…). But I also wanted to start experimenting with multi effect pedals and patches, so I got a GX-100, exclusively to play around, tweak effects more in depth and see how it would be to have a one stop shop for all effects, albeit I have zero interest in amp modeling, I’m happy with my JCM800, just thinking about effects here.

I’ve never messed with multi-effects pedals, so here are my concerns…

1). With the GX-100 set up in a 4CM, I noticed that immediately all knobs on the amp itself are disabled, I’m thinking this is normal , since the control now lays on the Gx-100, not the amp itself (right?). However, isn’t there an option with multi effect pedals were I can still keep the raw sound of my tube amp and just feed it effects from my multi effect processor?

2). Considering question number 1 above. Is a multi effects pedal intended then for use on SS or modeling amps instead and not tube amps? Is it a complete disservice to a Marshall JCM800 to go and hook a multi effects processor to it?

If I can’t preserve the original base tone of my Marshall with the multi effect processor, it seems kind of a waste of time, the way I see it it would be stupid to hook a ME pedal trying to model an Amp that I already have, just to add effects to it. Am I missing anything? Am I way off here?

Would I be better off keeping the pedal board connected to Marshall like I had it and just get a modeling or SS amp to connect the GX-100 to?

I don’t gig, just play to backing tracks at home and occasionally get together with friends to jam together, but nothing serious or advanced...

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

asked 20 Jul 2022 at 02:36 AM

Alex Medal
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