Amp voltage from USA to Italy


Hi Everyone,

I bought a Marshall Studio Vintage Head in US where we have 110V voltage and 60Hz frequency. If I want to use that amp in Italy, where the voltage is 220V and 50Hz frequency, is it okay if I only change the currently mounted (US-rated) fuse? Or do I need to get a transformer? I am not sure if the amp is only rated for 110V / 60Hz...I like to think that it was built for a range of V and Hz that works for Italy / Europe as well, being made in UK.

If the fuse is the only mod I have to do, then I can just use a campatible power cord to plug it in?

Forgive my ignorance, and thanks in advance.


asked 07 Apr 2023 at 10:50 PM

Antonello Simonetti
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Hi Antonello,

You will need to change the transformer this will need to be done by an engineer.


Marshall Support

answered 11 Apr 2023 at 07:53 AM

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