Silver Jubilee 2525H FX loop volume drop


Hey guys, about six months ago I bought a Mini Silver Jubilee 2525H with a 2536A cab, and after months of testing I've noticed a problem with the FX loop, some videos online says it's a design flaw, I'm not sure. I'm using a reverb(TC Electronic Hall of fame), Delay(BOSS DD-3) and MXR Analog Chorus on the FX loop, and there's a huge difference of volume, punch and tone when I use them in the FX against using it in front of the amp. When the FX loop is engaged(cables in the send>return) it's clear a big loss of quality. Can anyone please help me? I'm not sure what to do. Thanks!

asked 09 Mar 2024 at 07:17 PM

Bruno Matheus Arndt
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Hi Bruno,

Please contact a team member will be in contact.



answered 14 Mar 2024 at 12:13 PM

Hello, sure thing, thanks! - Bruno Matheus Arndt 14 Mar 2024 at 12:18 PM


UP, help please

answered 12 Mar 2024 at 08:53 PM

Bruno Matheus Arndt
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