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What is the web address for online registration of an amp, I can't find a link anywhere on your website.




asked 26 Jan 2018 at 03:34 PM

Bob Thomas
I found this link from a previous query but it does not work
- Bob Thomas 26 Jan 2018 at 03:40 PM
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The link you note is, I believe, the Marshall US site.

If you live in the UK you need to go to for some reason because there does not appear to be a registration link.

If you are in the UK and Ireland and need to register your product please email

In the email please include the following information:

  • your serial number;
  • date of purchase;
  • product name;
  • purchased from;
  • full name;
  • email address; and
  • full address.

answered 28 Jan 2018 at 04:59 AM

Dave Duncan (57)
I, literally, just now sent an e-mail to with a couple of pictures of the back of the amp (wasn't sure which was the serial number), as well as date and place of purchase. As far as I can tell, best option. - Brian Fox 29 Jan 2018 at 05:47 PM
Hi . Did you get a conformation email back
I have done this and not had anything back
- Graham Betts 02 May 2018 at 08:21 AM
Hi Graham,

You will get a letter in the post, once its processed.

Marshall Support
- Lee Tomlin 02 May 2018 at 09:21 AM
Thanks for the prompt advice.
- Graham Betts 02 May 2018 at 09:25 AM
And if one resides in the USA, how do they register their warranty? - Jimmy Pratt 06 Oct 2019 at 09:35 AM
Hi Jimmy,

Thank you for your message, your dealer will have your warranty details.

Marshall Support
- Lee Tomlin 07 Oct 2019 at 07:56 AM


Thanks for your help Dave,

I have now done this.

answered 30 Jan 2018 at 08:37 AM

Bob Thomas
No worries. Thanks for the "Thank you". They are few and far between, and I appreciate the response. - Dave Duncan 30 Jan 2018 at 05:08 PM
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