Hooking up a DSL100 to both a 1960A and a 1936 cabinet??


Hi - my first post - hoping someone can help me. 

I have a 1998 DSL100 along with a 1960A and a 1936 cabinet.  Typically I use one cab or the other, but I'd like to try using both cabs, but am not sure about matching the impedance. 

The DSL head has the 3 outputs - 1 dedicated to 16 ohm and 2 that can do either 4 or 8 ohms along with the 4/8 switch.

The 1960A cab can do either 4 or 16 ohms in mono, or 8 ohms in stereo.

The 1936 cab can do either 8 ohms in mono or 16 ohms in stereo.

It doesn't look to me like I can use both cabs at the same time, but maybe I'm not completely understanding it.  Is there a way to hook up both cabs to head??

The right hand input on the 1960A says it's 16 ohm mono or 8 stereo, whereas the 1936 is the opposite and is 8 ohm mono and 16 ohm stereo.  Can I go from the 4/8 outputs on the head to the right hand input on both cabs - will this work without causing damage??  If I  can, do I set the DSL head to 4 or 8 ohms, and should the switch on the 1960A be mono or stereo?


Thanks - I appreciate your brain power lol!!


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Phil Jones

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Phil Jones
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Hello Phil,

You would connect the two speakers from the mono socket on both cabinets, in the case of the 1960A you use the 16ohms socket. Plug the two speaker leads into the two sockets marked 4 or 8ohms, and set the selector switch to 4 ohms. The two cabinets combined have a impedence of 5.2 ohms this should cause no problems to the amplifier, but the volume output on the two cabinets will be different due to the difference impedences. 


Kind Regards

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