Bose Soundlink Mini 2 or UE Megaboom or Marshall Stanmore


Never had bluetooth speaker before. I listen mostly all kind of metal music and soundtrack music. I would listen in the house so features like waterproof and loudness doesn't matter that much. Sound quality is the most important thing.


I got chance to listen Bose SM2 briefly and it sounded amazing. But i am not fan of big, deep bass and was thinking that in the long run that might to start bother me. UE Megaboom is cheaper right now and have 360 sound. I have't heard UE Megaboom live, but there's two comparision 1 2 videos on youtube against Bose SM2 and Bose got better sound quality. But Megaboom bass is not that loud, which i kinda like. Not familiar with different equalizer apps so could that solve problem with Bose's bass? Yes, through youtube these comparision videos aren't the best.


Then Marshall Stanmore. Sounds good too and it have manual knobs for bass and tremble which i really like. It's biggest and don't have battery but i am fine with that. But i've read that they got some quality problems and after warranty is over they start to have different problems. Without that i've would have probably choose this.

asked 12 Jun 2019 at 12:33 PM

Trevor Noah
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