Marshall Kilburn 2 or JBL Xtreme 2?


I have been searching the internet for a few days and and narrowed down to these two as my first Bluetooth speaker. I still haven't been able to decide or find out which one is better.

I am a casual listener but I am still looking for something which sounds the best for under $300. I don't care much for water resistance or other stuff and will be using the speaker exclusively indoors.

I mostly listen to metal/rock and sometimes blues as well. Kinda prefer bass but not at the expense of vocals.

Both of them are priced very similarly so having a hard time deciding.

Which one should I buy?

Pls help!

asked 12 Jun 2019 at 12:37 PM

Tovino Thomas
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Hello Tovino,

We would recommend the Kilburn 2 as this is also portable, to see the full specs we would recommend you look at the website

to help you decide.


Kind Regards

Marshall Support


answered 12 Jun 2019 at 03:37 PM

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