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I had gone to pick Nora up from the airport that morning; I timed it perfectly so I did not have to wait for long for her to clear all the formalities. I saw her from afar and her beauty, body and chocolate brown skin radiated and illuminated everything around her
We shared a passionate embrace at the Airport, It was a polite embrace in line with the politely correctness that had to be adhered to in a conservative county. We held hands all the way home in the taxi and reconnected with gentle caresses and face to face conversation that had alluded us during all those weeks that we had been apart. We got to my apartment, closed the door and opened up the flood gates to release the flow of all the feelings that had been repressed due to the distance that separated us.

The privacy of my apartment led to the opening of another door known only to us. I reached in and kissed her gently and told her how much I had missed and loved her. I held her close enjoying the feeling of closeness that we had both missed for weeks.

It had been weeks so were both ravenous. I pushed her onto the bed and begun to caress her supple breasts and kiss her stomach and rub by dick against her.

I needed to be inside her. My dick was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum in anticipation of what was to cum next

As I explored her body further and re-familiarized myself with every inch of it, I felt like I was re-discovering all her hidden treasures all over again; this exploration resulted in my dick getting harder and harder. I found Nora so attractive that every inch of her turned me.

I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra down to expose her supple nipples which I kissed I licked in a circular motion. I then went whispered in her ear that I was going to take over her body and do with her exactly as I pleased and she was going to love it. I told her about how every part of her turned me on and how much I wanted every inch of. Nora told me that she was all my and I could have her all in whatever manner I wanted.
I pulled up the fashionable skirt she was wearing her exposing her lace see-through thong which matched her bralette. Nora's sexy matching lingerie always pushed me over the edge. I caressed her inner thighs gently, slowly moving her thong to expose her pussy which was now already dripping in anticipation of my dick

I ran my fingers next to her pussy ensuring that they were close enough for her to feel the heat radiating from my fingers and feel the residual pressure of a caress close to her pussy but keeping them far enough to keep her wanting. I whispered to her that she would only get dick after I had satisfied myself with touching her and kissing her.

I got on top of her and gently spread her legs allowing me to slip my dick between her thong and her pussy and I began rubbing the shaft of my dick in on her pussy and getting all her juices on my dick while urging her to kiss me deeper if she wanted my dick inside her. She obliged and kissed me deeper, bit my neck and scratched my back to my satisfaction and for the first time I pulled her thong to the side in a manner that allowed me to begin teasing her pussy with the head of my dick.

The penis gods had been very generous and bestowed with a sizable dick, to add to that I was also bestowed with the ability to delay my orgasm thus allowing me to fuck Nora for hours on end.

Our juices combined as I dipped the head of my dick into her pussy and started to drive her wild. Without giving her any notice, I inserted every of one my 7 inches deep into her wet pussy and started to thrust her intensely. I asked her to open her legs wider because I wanted it all, her thong were still on and to the side soaking up all the juices, we had also kept her Minolo's as well as the rest of her clothes on all this time. All that was exposed were the important elements that assured our mutual sexual pleasure. There is something about fucking Nora with her clothes on that enhanced the thrill.

I pulled my dick out and asked her to take all her clothes off except for her thong and heels, Nora knew by now that being fucked with her panties on was standard practice. She obliged and started to take her clothes off as I continued to touch and kiss her everywhere as she was partially undressing.

I prompted her to lay on a pillow with on her stomach to allow me easier and deeper access to her wetness, with her wet panties already pulled to the side I fucked her from the back while running my hands in front of her and playing with her clit. I pulled my dick out to focus on exploring her pussy with my fingers and I found her g-spot which I caressed with my finger.

While playing with her pussy, I simultaneously positioned my dick back into her pussy (where it belonged) while caressing her g-spot and at the same time kissing her. We continued into this rhythmic pleasure sequence of caressing her clit, g-spot and fucking her in numerous position and with different intensities until she begun to shake from what was the first of many orgasms that afternoon. Ladies always cum first!

I pulled my dick out to allow her to catch her breath and then turned her on her back to fuck her in a position that would allow me to look into her eyes and have access to her breasts and neck.
I got on top of her and slid my dick back inside her, she was extra wet now. I moved between kissing her mouth, neck, breasts and stomach, I softly bit her nipples in a rhythm that mimicked my dick thrusting inside of her. I also intermittently would pull my dick out of her so that I could lick her pussy. We continued in this rhythm continuously edging each other and pulling back until I could no longer stop the explosion of cum from my dick into her pussy. I throbbed deeper and deeper and she squeezed me tighter and tighter. Nora then exploded into yet another orgasm just as I came inside her. Our worlds intertwined, at that point neither of us knew where one ended and the other begun.


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