Code 25 locking up when saving / hissing noise



1st  -  on half a dozen occasions my code 25 has locked up when saving an edited preset. The only way to sort it is to switch it off and back on again. 

2nd  -  I'm getting a lot of hissing noisy coming through the amp when playing,  when lightly plucking a string the noise is really noticeable this fault is even worse when playing at low volume.


I hope you can offer some sort of fix for these concerns so the experience of play my amp is not a disappointment.


asked 22 Oct 2016 at 03:04 PM

Martin Blyth (27)
Answers: 1


Hi Martin,

Thank you for your message.

We are working on an update to fix these issues, and are in the final process of testing.

Kind regards

Team Marshall.

answered 24 Oct 2016 at 08:07 AM

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