AS100D - Channel 2 "link to channel 1" button functionality query


Hello, I am finding that when I activate the "link to channel 1" button for channel 2 (by depressing it), that the input from channel 2 seems to be cut out altogether. I.e. if I mute channel 1 whilst passing a guitar into channel 2, then there is no sound.

My initial thoughts as to what the "link to channel 1" button would do was that it would use the same level and EQ settings provided by channel 1. This does not appear to be the case however. Or perhaps I am misunderstanding the feature this provides? E.g. perhaps by depressing the button, the signal from channel 2's input is joined with the signal of channel 1? (that would explain why channel 2 appears to be muted when the "link to channel 1" button is activated/depressed.

Thank you! Gareth

asked 12 Nov 2016 at 03:56 PM

Gareth Boswell
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Hello Gareth,

The idea of linking channel 1 and 2 is so you can use stereo pickups on your guitar feeding one pickup into one channel and the other into the other channel, using a standard mono jack the two channels are not linked together properly.  You need to have a guitar that has stereo pickups.

answered 14 Nov 2016 at 08:35 AM

Hello, Thank you for your response. FYI, I am using a Y-splitter cable to produce two identical signals from a single electro acoustic guitar which are being fed into channels 1 and 2. Are you saying that I need to use stereo (TRS) jacks on the inputs for both channels? If not (and if mono/TS jacks are fine) then can you possibly clarify why (when the "link to channel 1" button is activated) there is no sound when I cut off the signal to channel 1 (using a line volume pedal), whilst the split signal is simultaneously fed into channel 2? - Gareth Boswell 14 Nov 2016 at 01:12 PM
You need to use stereo jack on both channels. - Marshall 15 Nov 2016 at 08:30 AM
I need more than a single-sentence instruction in order to understand the configuration under discussion as the owner's manual gives no detail in respect of this topic. Please provide a response to the following questions: a) Why do I need a TRS plug on channel 1 and 2 inputs if I am feeding a split signal from a single instrument into both channels 1 and 2, when the "link to channel 1" button of channel 2 is active? b) The signal being fed into each channel is mono. I.e. on the tip of the jack. Therefore how can I feed a stereo signal into each input? Will a mono to stereo adapter at the instrument cable end inserted into channel 1 and 2 inputs suffice? (This will split the mono signal from the tip of the mono cable between the tip and ring of the input jack inserted into each of channels 1 and 2) c) If a mono to stereo adapter is adequate, then is it needed for both channels 1 and 2? If so, please clarify why that is the case. c) If I do not need a stereo jack on the input of both channels 1 and 2, then which channel requires the stereo input jack? Channel 1 or 2? d) On the otherhand, I can feed a stereo signal into both channels 1 and 2 by feeding the mono signal from the guitar into a Dual Transformer/Isolator, from which I can send two identical signals (in stereo) into both channels 1 and 2. Is this necessary? Again, relating to question c), is a stereo signal needed for both channels 1 and 2? (In the case of Channel 2, would either a stereo input jack or a XLR plug would be suitable?). e) When the appropriate configuration is in place, what does the "link to channel 1" function achieve? I would appreciate a detailed response of sufficient technical content to fully clarify all of these questions: i. Does the "Link to channel 1" feature permit the EQ settings of channel 1 to be applied to the signal fed into channel 2?; and ii. Are the signals from channel 1 and channel 2 blended via the "Link to channel 1" feature? Thank you in advance. Gareth - Gareth Boswell 15 Nov 2016 at 07:59 PM
On channel one the input jack socket is stereo, if you are using a guitar with a stereo pickup the tip is one channel and the ring or middle section is the other channel. When you press the link switch on the amplifier this feeds the ring signal to channel 2. If you plug a standard mono plug into channel 1 this disconnects the link between the two channels, therefore if you wish to use the two channels together you will need to use a stereo plug into channel one feeding the guitar the guitar signal to both the tip and the ring. This should allow you to use the link switch on the amplifier. - Marshall 17 Nov 2016 at 08:51 AM
Thank you. I now understand the application of the "Link to CH1" switch. - Gareth Boswell 17 Nov 2016 at 09:29 PM
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