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Can you explain a simply way how to download presets to Code amp and updates (automaticly?) What those symbols like phone, Code amp with cross over mean? Is really so that Safari does not support downloads, updates? 

asked 23 Dec 2016 at 06:40 PM

Jarmo Luoma-aho (2)
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Hi Jarmo,

Sorry, there was a slight glitch in an update to the website on 23 Dec. which prevented the 'Add Preset to My Library' button , and the 'Vote Up Preset' button  from working, which you may have experienced.  This has now been fixed.

Clicking on the 'Add Preset to My Library' button will add the preset into the bottom section when you go to the My Library page.  You can then drag it into one of the Gateway slots at the top of the page.  When you save this change, using the 'Save' button that will appear, it will then be sync'ed with your Gateway app.  You can then use Gateway to push the preset on to your CODE.

The icon showing the CODE amp with a cross on it  means that Web Midi is not available on the browser you are using (i.e. Safari).  Currently, Web Midi is only supported on Chrome, although the beta release of Opera 42 also supports it.

If you use Chrome, you can connect to your CODE directly, using a USB cable, and you will then be able to send a preset on the website directly to the currently selected slot on your amp to try it out.  You can then save it to the slot using the front panel on your amp, if you want to keep it.

I hope that helps.

Team Marshall

answered 25 Dec 2016 at 12:22 AM

Jon Knight (4)
Just so I am clear... You need a browser that supports Web Midi to be able to send presets to the amp via an iPhone? Or connect direct via usb? Can I have two browsers on my iPhone? - Richard Webb 08 Feb 2021 at 08:11 PM
Hi Richard

Thank you for your comments, you need a web browser that supports midi to use usb to send presets from My Marshall, you need to be connect via bluetooth to operate the gateway app to send presets from your phone to the amp.

Marshall Support
- Lee Tomlin 09 Feb 2021 at 09:01 AM


Add the preset you want to your library by clicking on the add to library icon, then go to your 'my gateway' at the bottom of the page will be your library click and drag and drop the preset from the library into the list above where you want to have it stored.

then switch on your gateway app on your phone and sync it in the menu section. This should update your presets on your phone

answered 23 Dec 2016 at 11:38 PM

Nigel Grimshire (2)


 When I click on the " add to library" icon, a red "X" appears on the icon and nothing else happens. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

answered 03 Jan 2020 at 08:32 PM

Stephen Barnes
Hi Stephen,

Have you got the amp connect to the PC.

Marshall Support
- Lee Tomlin 06 Jan 2020 at 10:24 AM
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