TSL 100 JCM 2000 FX Send Return


The Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100 has a problem with the FX send and return...I plug a 1/4TS into return of FX Return (A)...huge Buzz....I plug same cable into FX Send (B) ...huge buzz.....So only Return of A and Send of B have the buzz...I am only plugging in empty cables...nothing connected....but the amp buzzes when these cables are inserted.

This happens only when the footswith has FX button enabled and on every channel.  Doesn't matter if anything else is plugged into the front input or not.  Just buzzes when a cable is inserted into A Send or B return.

Is this a serious issue, or can it be resolved easily.  I have been around the internet and noticed not many answers on this, but a lot of questions.  Need help!!!


asked 06 Jun 2017 at 02:03 AM

duane cole
I have also tried different cables just to make sure it wasn't a cable issue. - duane cole 06 Jun 2017 at 02:04 AM
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Hello Duane,

Plugging an open circuit lead into the send and return sockets will cause buzzing, the other end of the screened lead should always be in circuit (plugged into something) otherwise it will cause a buzz. 

answered 06 Jun 2017 at 12:41 PM

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