The Gateway App has always worked for me. I bought a new phone and the App hs


Marshall Gateway App for Android, WOW! so worn out with this things eternal frustration. Googlel play won't install the App saying my android version is too old. I have version 9.  WHen I manual install the app starts then goes black. It's running in the background but I can't access it. Any help it so apprecriated.  I've looked at 40+ solutions I found on google and nada, no luck no how.  My Phone is a ZTE Z5531s, I've done a hard reset..S, almost ran the bootloader and used the SDK Studio for android. If you have a solution or even a suggestion it is very appreciated. I'm disabled and buying another phone right now is out so I got make this work.  Chris

asked 25 Jul 2021 at 05:39 PM

Chris Warren
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