PEDL-91016 and Marshall DSL100H



I am the proud owner of a Marshall DSL100HR which I think is really great.

I also bought the Footswitch PEDL-91016, to be able to use all the versatility of the amp.

Unfortunately when I use the PEDL-91016 after a while (it varies). Impossible to use the effects loop, the sound changes it looks like a tube is dead, the different channels with the PEDL-91016 are no longer available (it varies).

When I remove the PEDL-91016 I no longer have any problem. When I use the footswitch supplied with the amp, I have no problem and obviously without any footswitch no problem either.

Do you think it's from PEDL-91016, it's still under warranty.

Thanks in advance.

asked 12 Feb 2022 at 01:54 PM

Benjamin Loix
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