AS50D Acoustic Amp and a MG100HDFX


I have a two part question 🤔.  I have my two amplifiers listed above.  I have both electric and electric acoustic guitars.  I'm learning how to play and bought the 50 watt acoustic Amp as I  really like the sound of over wound humbuckers through it for heavy slow blues.

First question,  keeping the AS50D as the main sound, can I connect it through/to the 100 watt Marshall? Both are 4 ohms and I would like the maximum amount of power to drive my 4 x 12" cabinet of 8 ohm Jensen Tornadoes that are wired in series for the 4 ohm 100 watt MG HDFX. Then I would have 150 watts total to drive my 400 watt total limit.


Question two,  can I connect my 50 watt AS50D Amp to my 4 x 12" speaker cabinet by running a cable from the back of my Amp to the cabinet. I have footswitch,  line out and (effects loops) send and return Jack's to use.

  Even though my 4 x 12" cabinet would be very under powered. I would like to hear the sound of the AS50D  through those speakers. I'm new to guitar and don't want to ruin any of my equipment.  I did also have a guitar made through two luthiers,  I also made the 4 x 12" cabinet to match my guitar.  I call them Snort and the box.

  I have the components for the sound I'm looking for,  now I need to combine them all together.  I truly appreciate guidance from the technical support team at Marshall. 

God bless you for your time and kindness.  Thank you,  Eric Dailey 

asked 06 May 2022 at 09:49 PM

Eric Dailey
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Hi Eric,

First question

You could run a cable from the ‘Line Out’ socket on the AS50 to the CD input on the front of the MG100HDFX, then you’d effectively be using the MG as a slave amp.

Second question

There is no speaker output on the back of the AS50, and so it can not be plugged into an external cabinet.

With the  4X 8 Ohm speakers wired in series would give an overall Impedance of 32 Ohms.
If all the speakers were wired in parallel the total Impedance would be 2 Ohms, this is too low and would damage the amp…
There is no way of wiring 4X 8 Ohm speakers to achieve 4 Ohms.


Marshall Support



answered 09 May 2022 at 02:10 PM

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