Browser MIDI Troubleshooting

What should you do if you are having difficulties connecting your MIDI device via your web browser?

MIDI Browsers

If you are having difficulty connecting your midi device via your web browser.

Currently, the browsers that support Web MIDI are:

NOTE: Firefox v108 and above implements WebMIDI, but the implementation does not support detecting

when devices have been plugged in or unplugged, and therefore it cannot be used for the CODE firmware update process. 

For this reason, the firmware update page will not enable the update if you are using Firefox.

When you are on any of the pages in the site that support directly downloading to your CODE amplifier,

you will see a status bar at the bottom of the page. This will indicate whether your browser is MIDI-capable:

  • MIDI is not available
    MIDI is not supported by your browser
  • CODE: Not connected
    MIDI is supported by your browser, but your CODE amp is not connected
  • CODE: Connected
    MIDI is supported by your browser, and your CODE amp is connected

You should note that Web MIDI is still a draft specification, and although we've found it to be pretty stable, there could be combinations of hardware and software which have problems.

If you still have problems using MIDI from this site, here are some things you can try:

  • Check that you are using one of the browsers listed above. Make sure that the version you're using is at least the version shown.
  • Check that you have given permission for the My Marshall site to use MIDI devices in your browser. You will normally be prompted to do this the first time you use the site, but you can view and change the permissions later from your browser settings.
  • On Windows, only one application can use the underlying system MIDI driver at a time. Make sure that you're not running any other software that could be using the MIDI port, such as a Digital Audio Workstation or MIDI Mapper.
  • If MIDI initially works, but you then start to have problems, close all of your browser windows, and then check that there is not a hidden instance of the browser running in the background. On Windows, use the Task Manager to do this, and on a Mac you can use Activity Monitor.
  • If all else fails, try turning your computer off and back on again! Sometimes when things crash, they can take the MIDI drivers with them, and the only option is to do a reboot.
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