Firmware controls your CODE amplifier functionality, helps it connect to other devices and allows you to change the sounds in your amplifier. Marshall review our firmware and make improvements, fixes or changes to ensure they continue to work when other devices change the way they connect or interact with your amplifier. By doing this we can continually improve your experience with your amplifier and eliminate any bugs that might occur when software or features are updated.

Your presets will stay on your amplifier when you update firmware, but we do recommend using Gateway to sync your presets to myMarshall as an extra safeguard.

If you're using a browser that supports MIDI, such as Google Chrome, you can update your Marshall CODE straight from your browser! This should work on any platform that supports the latest version of Chrome including Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android.

Click the button below and then follow the instructions on screen. Be sure to allow your browser access to MIDI devices when prompted.

Having problems using midi? Have a look at our troubleshooting suggestions

Alternatively, install our Windows application to download and update the firmware on your Marshall CODE series amplifier.


29 Oct 2021 - v1.46

MCU v1.46 fixes a bug where some CODE units would lock after saving a preset. Includes v1.45 fixes for screen flicker on later CODE25 units.
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