CODE 100H - What settings are best?


When I use my CODE100H with a cab, do I need to turn the cabinet settings off? I've seen several "how to" videos (including ones that have a Marshall tech in them) saying as I'm connected to a cab I don't need the cabinet setting. I've got the CODE4X12 cabinet.


asked 21 Nov 2022 at 04:42 PM

Rick Green
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There is only one answer, Rick - the best settings are when the sound meets YOUR expectations. I've got CODE 25 combo, and for most presets I don't use cabinet emulation. I checked a couple of typical guitar speakers (Laney, Celestion) and according to MY personal preferences it sounds better when I turn cabinet off.

answered 21 Nov 2022 at 10:50 PM

Jacek Klimkiewicz (218)
Thanks Jacek, much appreciated. Now to see if I can figure this new gateway app out... - Rick Green 22 Nov 2022 at 08:24 AM
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