Marshall Code 50 Footswitch issue


Hi there! 

I have recently brought the Marshall Code Footswitch a few weeks ago and everything was going really well with it until today. I got it out today and set everything up ready for some practice and usually when I play I may turn delay etc off or on. But when I wanted to change the effects using the 1,2, and 3 buttons it wasn't doing what it's functioned to do. As if i pressed 1, all modes would be turned on or off but i only wanted the Disortion pedal to be on or off. It's quite hard to put into words but Ive got a video of it so it makes more sense but i can only upload photos on here. Let me know asap if there is anything i can do to fix it.
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asked 16 Mar 2023 at 02:45 PM

Charlie Whittaker
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