On a Marshall AS50D when I sing through it, I am hearing a buzz


It's not all the time. But When I make an oo sound, like if I was singing about the "moon", it buzzes on the oo sound. Other than that I have not noticed any problem. Could a speaker problem be so narrow? Or might it be something else? 

Any guidance on things a noob like me can safely look at before I haul this off to a professional?

asked 28 Jan 2024 at 06:08 AM

Gabriel Brooks
I'd say this could come from multiple issues. The mic could be not responding properly, the amp (which is primarily designed for acoustic guitar use) may not be able to respond in that range, or your speaker might be bad (?). Try using a different mic. If it persists, compare it when you run it through a PA setup. Just because it has a dedicated mic input doesn't;t mean it's good for vocalization. That was intended to mic up an acoustic and process it. Maybe other vocalists using this amp can chime in. - Richard Stackon 11 Feb 2024 at 05:12 PM
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