how do i down load jimi hendrix pre sets on my marshall PCU account or jimmy page ,


can any one help me i can't down load any of my favorite guitar players presets,do i do it manually on my phone or what i got how the USB gets the music from my library,but every time i pair my phone with my marshall it stays on for one preset i can't even reconize so i play all my music songs pink floyd led zepplin SRV JIMI H On simple clean setting what the  ,and futher more at a guitarist presets he might have used at the left bottom corner there is 4 or 5 boxes,phone box amp box and stupid finger sign and so on but i get a stop sign code when i click on the little amp .i can play little wing and basically with an amp that should tell you more i guess its not the amp or the guitar you have its the size of the theory of how your soul connects with the if you can


asked 12 Apr 2018 at 02:21 PM

Rui Soares
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