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can my Code 100h works with a standard midi footswitch? The Code 100h has a midi-usb but my Digitech Footstwitch has a standard-midi inteface: can i use an adaptor midistandard-midiusb?



asked 18 Jun 2018 at 08:55 AM

Paolo Goi (1)
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Short answer is "NO" (but see below).

Search the forums.  I've posted much on the issue of using alternate footswitches (non-Marshall footswitches) with the CODE range.  I can tell you that a Behringer FCB1010 does not work when connected via the 1/4" jacks.  Have never tried connecting the MIDI ports together as you suggest though.  Try it and if it works: let us all know (but I do have my doubts I'm afraid) (and I doubt it will do any harm to either unit).  I did see somebody mention something about a certain MIDI converter box type thing (I forget the name now) but I don't know if they ever did try it.



answered 19 Jun 2018 at 07:04 AM

Dale Paterson (105)
Ok, thanks a lot Dale!
I'll try with a MIDI converter and I'll tell you.
- Paolo Goi 21 Jun 2018 at 03:12 PM
the midi work with a midi usb host! now i have a midtech usb midi host and a midi commander by meloaudio and ... the code 100h work !
in this configuration i have 8 patch in same time! and then i have a loop controller by thomann: i can remote my external pedalboard with many pedals + code 100h in program change. now my code 100h is at 100%!
- Paolo Goi 02 Jan 2020 at 06:30 PM
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