Makeing Tuner patch


Hi, I havent had any problems with my 2 Code100h that i run in stereo in my marshall 1960v cabs, in any way until now, besides the usual dirty pots.  I am trying to save the "in amp" tuner as a patch or an effect on a patch as the instructional video states. I do have the upgraded footswitch.  The only way ive found to acceas the tuner by footpedal is by turning one of the switch mode choices into the tuner, which makes every single patch have the tuner as the switch mode option. Kinda defeats the purpose. Is there any way to set the tuner as a patch by itself or as a switch mode option on just 1 patch and not all of them? 

asked 07 Apr 2019 at 02:44 PM

William Burleson
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