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 I have just received my first ever Head Amp. So very excited about it. My question, is it totally unadvisable, to test out the headphone socket without connecting up a cabinet to the head amp? 

I was hoping to test before  obtaining a cabinet  (212 I had in mind).

However it does not advise using it without a cabinet connected. Is there a risk in blowing up the circuitry otherwise? 

Thanks for taking the time reading this. 

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Rick Vince (1)

asked 20 Mar 2020 at 05:08 PM

Rick Vince (1)
Hi Rick,

Thank you for your comments, we always recommend the amp is connected to a cabinet while in use. This is to protect the amplifier while being used.

Marshall Support
- Marshall 20 Mar 2020 at 06:40 PM
Hi Marshall support thanks for the reply. I will adhere to the advice .I have always enjoyed the Marshall sound!

In addition to my response May you all get support needed through this crisis.

All the best may you all keep in good heart and spirit.
Regards, Rick
- Rick Vince 22 Mar 2020 at 06:27 AM
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Hi Rick,

please don't use it without a load attached. You may be lucky and get away with it for a very, very short time, but I suspect as it's your first head it'll possibly be f**ked for good and if you have similar luck to me it'll likely burn your home to the ground too. 
The emulated out / headphone sockets aren't the best way to hear your new amp as it deserves to be heard and may even disappoint.

I'd urge you to loan (if at all possible, maybe even hire) any suitably rated cab and crank the thing up nice and loud and appreciate what you have worked hard to purchase. I'd even advise against any kind of dummy loads. They can fault the same as anything else. Headphones (even quality ones) are at best okay for late at night, but unlikely to provide anything like the tone you want to hear. 

I expect this piece of kit has cost you more than just the cash itself and is something you have desired for a while? Please (this sounds awful and also makes me sound a proper c**t) but you may need to be patient a little while longer. Every minute will likely be killing you and I feel for you deeply. I promise though, you definitely won't get help from anyone should things go "tits up".
I'm positive you'll enjoy the fruits of your labour soon. 
Take care,
Best wishes,


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Simon Coulston (12)


Many thanks for your much contained response Si, there is a lot in there no worry  I have not tried it powered on. I will wait for the time to come no  doubt. Sorry to hear about what happened that's serious stuff!! I I hope everything got sorted out though. All  best to you too thanks again for your help.

Best Regards 



answered 21 Mar 2020 at 10:52 PM

Rick Vince (1)
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