Firmware: new algorithm request to correct low frequencies issues


An annoying problem of Code 50 concerns the sound of low frequencies which are extremely "muddy"
using a Stratocaster's bridge single coils
: absolutely no attack & non-existent twang!.

I really like this amplifier and I am sure that with a firmware update this problem can certainly be solved

My current firmware version is 1.44.


asked 30 Apr 2020 at 01:29 AM

David Fusi (3)
hey bud, my amp was sounding great until literally a few days ago and its doing the exact thing you're describing.. i thought it was my emg loaded guitar at first took the guitar apart, checked everything was in order which it was, and then tried it again same thing, tried it with my gibson too which has the gibson stock pickups and same thing... its really annoying as this amp sounded perfect last week idk why it would just change... - rob wynne 30 Apr 2020 at 06:45 PM
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Hi Both,

Sorry you seem to be having issues with this, could you please email , with complete setup and we will look into this for you.


Marshall Support

answered 01 May 2020 at 08:13 AM

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