My Code25 stopped working


Hey, about a month ago, the preset readout faded to being almost unreadable. Then today, it stopped working completely. I can't use it for my guitar or as a Bluetooth player. Not sure what to do next?

NOTE: This is part of a multi-chapter story of which there are forty chapters plus an epilogue. An uncompleted version of this story appeared here at Literotica a few years ago in case it looks familiar to you. The story has been revised and completed. Chapters 37 - 40 and the epilogue are all new material.

Richard was a half hour late getting into the office because of the heavy traffic. As his assistant looked up, she handed him a pile of messages.
"Mr. Villarreal called first thing. His message is on top," said Ms. Ames as Richard walked briskly into his office. "I'll bring you some coffee."

"Thanks," said Richard smiling to her as he headed straight for his desk.

Richard thumbed through his messages and decided the others could wait. As Richard dialed Villarreal's number his assistant sat his coffee down on the desk.

"Thank you, Ms. Ames," said Richard as he covered the mouthpiece with his other hand. "Could you please close the door and hold my calls until I am done."

"Yes," said Villarreal curtly as he answered the phone.

"This is Richard returning you call. I apologize I wasn't here earlier. I was caught in traffic," said Richard.

"That's OK, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I am going to be unavailable for the next couple of days. I have business to attend to, but that shouldn't be a problem. Your package is at its destination and the cameras you requested are in place. I'm emailing you the telephone number for the man who will be your contact at the ranch, and I am copying him on the email as well. He has been instructed to assist you in any way he can," said Villarreal. "Do you understand? Do you have any questions?"

"No, that sounds fine. I appreciate your personal help thus far," said Richard, "and I certainly wouldn't want to impose on you personally any further. I'll give the gentleman a call in just a little while and go over what we need to accomplish today. I'm waiting on a couple of Fedex packages to arrive before I give him a call. And thank you again."

"Very well then," said Villarreal. "I'll be in touch in a few days."

As Villarreal hung up, Richard could see Villarreal's email popup in his inbox. Richard clicked on it and the phone number and Xavier's email address were there. Also contained in the email were the IP addresses and passwords for the two webcams he had requested.

As Richard clicked on one of the hyperlinks in the email and entered the password he could see Deborah in a fetal position on the rope cot, with her wrists bound in the leather restraints and connected to a chain attached to a large black metal ring on the stone block wall above the cot.

When Richard clicked on the other link it showed the wall at the foot of the cot. There were additional black metal rings a couple of feet below the ceiling and spaced about four feet apart. There were similar rings mounted to the floor about two to three feet from the wall. This is an honest to God dungeon, Richard thought as he clicked off. If this does not scare the hell out of Rebekah, nothing will.

Getting back to work, Richard decided to clear his messages and get back to Xavier a little later, after he had a chance to see what was on Deborah's cell phone and what she had left in her car. Perhaps it would give him something more to work with.

Richard spent the next hour clearing his other calls and waiting for Fedex to arrive. As he cleared the last call, Richard opened his briefcase and removed the DVDs inside. He would start reviewing Martin's videos to see if there was any useful footage while he waited. After fast-forwarding his way through the first two DVDs he knew that George's assessment had been about right.

Nevertheless, Richard was keeping a list on the legal pad next to him of the playtimes of action that might help him as he started the process of making Rebekah question herself, her values...her very existence, breaking her down before he turned her over to Deirdre to be molded and manipulated to their purpose.

By the time he had worked his way through half the DVDs he had plenty of bondage stuff between Deborah and Martin and things had already progressed to a constant stream of kinky sex acts with a parade of more and more sex partners doing everything imaginable to Rebekah's mother.
It was the ninth DVD that made Richard sit up and take notice. There they were, Jim and John losing their virginity to Deborah as dad obviously watched. This video was not stationary like the others, taken from the peep hole in the closet. The video was being shot handheld. Neither Deborah nor the boys seemed to be comfortable with what was going on, but they were obviously following off camera directions.

Deborah was laying spread eagle on the bed and had flaming birthday candles sticking out of the whipped cream on each of her bulbous tits. Her pussy was covered in whipped cream as well and Happy 18th Birthday was written across Deborah's stomach in a sugary gel, like on a birthday cake.

The boys appeared apprehensive at first, but once the candles were blown out and all the whipped cream disappeared into their mouths Deborah got around to doing a little blowing of her own. The boys appeared to be quick learners, thought Richard, as they took Deborah in every way possible, depositing endless loads of cum in her pussy, ass, and mouth. The boys seemed to especially enjoy tit fucking Deborah's gigantic breasts and coming all over her face.

As Richard finished the final DVD, the boys appeared to have made four more visits to Deborah before Martin shot his final video. Each of the boys' videos were handheld like the first and the level of violence and humiliation inflicted on Deborah increased with each one. The apples did not fall far from the tree, Richard thought, as he extracted the last DVD from the laptop.

Richard looked up at the clock and saw that Fedex should be arriving any minute. He had just enough time to email George the tracking information from the DVDs so he could put together an oldies but goodies version for him to use on Rebekah. He also asked George to send a couple of copies of the DVD home with Deirdre tonight so he would have one for Big John in the morning.

As Richard continued to wait for the Fedex delivery he started to prepare a list for Big John. He would have Big John sweep Deborah's home and pull anything else that would be useful that he could bring back to the office. Richard made a note to make sure that all the bills were left on the dining room table so Rebekah could see the dire financial condition her mother was in, and by extension, herself. Richard would have Big John stage the house to tell the story Richard wanted Rebekah to see and hear.

Richard remembered to have Big John pick up a large screen plasma TV this evening as well, to mount on the wall in Deborah's playroom. He made a note to remind Big John to make sure it had a DVD built in and would be easy to operate.

Suddenly Richard remembered that he had forgotten about the photographs. They were still in his trunk. Richard got up and headed for the elevator to retrieve the grocery bag full of photos. As he made his way to the elevator, he could see the Fedex driver making a delivery at one of the other offices down the corridor. Good, thought Richard, he could examine the parcels from Mexicali and El Centro when he came back from the parking structure.


The SUV was already waiting for Deirdre as she carried her two small bags to the front door. The driver took them from her, and she excused herself to say goodbye to Jana and Sophie, who were still by the pool. Deirdre never seemed to tire of looking at these beautiful women's bodies. Their freshly oiled flesh glistened in the sun now that they had finished massaging each other.

Deirdre strode over to them and both women got up from their chaises to give her a going away kiss. Deirdre was careful to just give each of them a peck on the lips since she did not want the oil all over her clothing. Deirdre stroked each of their pussies with her index fingers and felt their slick moistness. She looked at each of them sensuously as their bodies responded, saying, "you have no idea how much I am going to miss you tonight," as she stuck each of her index fingers in her mouth and licked them dry.

As usual, Deirdre had the last word as she turned and walked quickly inside and then to the waiting SUV as the two women tried to quell the fire that Deirdre had just started between their legs.

Deirdre and her assistant had gone over the airline reservations earlier and they realized that they could book the boys on the same flight with Deirdre. In fact, she could pick them up on the way to Sky Harbor. Deirdre's assistant laughed when she told her that the boys were already packed when she called to confirm their airline reservations.

Deirdre's assistant knew her too well. She had not told the boys that Deirdre would be on the same flight. She knew Deirdre liked surprises. As they drove down the dusty road toward the interstate highway, Deirdre was already thinking about how she would initiate her two new young protégés into the mile-high club on the flight back to LA. Deirdre was sure their mother would not object.


The Fedex envelope was on Richard's desk and a large box was on the floor next to it when he returned from the parking structure. Richard first ripped open the envelope from the hotel in El Centro containing the cell phone. It still had nearly a full charge and Richard was glad that it was similar to his old cell phone. Richard rummaged through his bottom desk drawer and found the old charger and made sure it would work.

As Richard scanned the contents of the phone, he was pleased to discover that Rebekah had her own cell phone and that there was a listing for Richie. Richard made a mental note to give Big John a call with the number. Perhaps he could run Richie down with it. Also listed was the name and direct line for the head mistress of the academy. That would prove useful as well.

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