Why won't My Gateway sync to the Amp


I used My Gateway to set up all my presets in the order that I'd like them to be.  My Amp is plugged into the computer via USB.  It is connected.  
Now that I've arranged things through My Gateway, the amp does not seem to sync with it.  

IF I pull up the app on my phone, while the amp is off, the library in the app reflects the order that is in MyGateway.  The moment I turn on the amp, and connect my phone to the amp, the library in my phone changes to reflect the old settings still on the amp.  

The only way I know how to set a preset in a specific spot is to go download it again, while my amp is connected, and dialed into the placeholder for which I need it to set.  

Is the sync a slow process?  Should I walk away from it, and let it sit and think for awhile?  Is there a button, or combo of buttons I should be pressing after I've saved my work in MyGateway, in order for it to update the amp?

asked 24 Jul 2020 at 05:36 PM

Jeremy Smith
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Hi Jeremy,

You need to be connect from your mobile device via bluetooth to the code to sync not from your pc with usb, take a look at the link below to help,


Regards Marshall Support

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answered 31 Jul 2020 at 07:47 AM

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