CODE 25 speaker doesn't work.


So, my CODE 25's speaker doesn't work. The rest of the electronics turn on and work fine. I know it's getting signal because the tuner works. No issues with the display.

But there's no sound either from the speaker or the headphone jack. So, the signal isn't getting anywhere other than into the input port and as far as the top circuit board, I assume.

I note in the picture below that I took that the red and black wires aren't connected to anything on the board to the right. There also appears to be two empty connections. I wonder if they need to go on there and if I can safely do so myself. Any help appreciated.

Also, yes, the transformer isn't secured to anything. I found two loose screws inside that I assume are meant to secure it to the side of the cabinet.


asked 18 Nov 2020 at 02:35 AM

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You need to contact the store you purchased from and they will need to arrange a repair, it looks like it was damaged in transit.

Marshall Support

answered 18 Nov 2020 at 08:22 AM

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