Guitar only sounds on a Channel of my Headphones


Hello everyone!
Someone could help me with some doubts that I have ... I had never connected my hearing aids to my code 50, last night I decided to try some solos playing the tracks of my cel from the gateway player to play the guitar along with the solos of the tracks ... But when I connected and listened to my headphones, the track of my cel played in the code50 sounded perfect on both channels of the headset, however my guitar when it was sounded, it was only heard in the right channel of my hearing aid. this normal? the guitar only sounds on the right channel? or should it also sound on both channels? Is it strange that the track if it is heard and sounds perfect in both channels while I play the guitar and that my guitar is only heard in the right channel?
I appreciate Someone can give me some help, idea or suggestion.

Thank you!

Atte. René Enilver Martz.


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René Enilver Martínez

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René Enilver Martínez
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