LCD Orange light


Had Code 50 for a few days and the LCD display is now not lighting up orange,

it still works the same but no light and quite difficult to see in dim light.


Any Ideas ?


edited 15 Nov 2021 at 08:27 AM

Chris Hornby

asked 12 Nov 2021 at 06:46 PM

Chris Hornby
Hi Chris,

Thank you for your comments as the amp is under a year old the warranty is with the store if you contact them direct, they will either replace or arrange repair of the unit for you.

Marshall Support
- Marshall 16 Nov 2021 at 04:36 PM
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Since nobody from Marshall has responded......

Sounds to me like a fault with the backlight. Probably best if you get in touch with where you bought it. Or email marshall support directly rather than through this user forum.

answered 16 Nov 2021 at 09:24 AM

Joliet Jake (73)
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