Please Stop the download of presets, I just want it simple, Help!


I turned all of the presets off, all i want is a plain Plexi or hot rod amp. I have my own reverb and my own delay and EQ. So I took Marshall Fury Lead which sounds pretty good and turned all the other stuff off...

then when i get app. on my phone turned on it goes and overwrites the preset on the Code 100 head. ??? wtf? Now its noisey and feeding back an out of control.

I cannot risk having an amp that squeals and changes presets like that without me asking it. There are too many settings too much to go wrong. 

I am starting to regret buying this thing.


How do i fix it so that the preset stays in the cloud on the amp and everywhere else forever!.. Until i change it...Can anyone please help with that?

its a 100 watt Code. I just want it to be a dirty power amp, no cab simulator nothing...

thanks, NIck



asked 10 Jan 2023 at 09:55 PM

NICK DeNora (1)
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