DSL40CR CreamLevant Headphones without footswitch only in Ultra Gain?


Hello, the model is DSL40CR: thomann.de/pl/marshall_dsl40cr_cream_levant_ltd.htm
I turn on the amplifier, in STB mode the Ultra Gain LED lights up, I switch to Classic Gain and after about 3 seconds the amplifier automatically switches back to Ultra Gain. The same thing happens if I connect headphones to EmulatedOut, so I can only play on headphones on the Ultra Gain channel. However, if the footswitch connection is in STB mode, then I can play with headphones on both the Classic Gain and Ultra Gain channels. Is it normal, if there is no footswitch and I switch between Classic Gain and Ultra Gain, the amplifier automatically switches to Ultra after 3 seconds - making it impossible to play with headphones on the Classic channel. If footswitch is connected then can i play both?
Can someone check this out?

asked 24 Jan 2023 at 10:50 AM

Szymon Ka┼║mierczak
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