Code25 App and My Marshall F- Grade


Marshall Support,

Your copy/paste response to everyone is unacceptable!

You know damn well that most bought this amp online! There is no talking it back to the dealer, other then sending it back for a refund!

I hope others agree with me here that the customer Support for this amp is HORRIBLE, if not worse, nothing compared to the REAL Marshall reputation!

We all have the same trouble with Bluetooth. When one ends their session, turns the amp off and shuts down the app, it is impossible to reconnect again without having to delete in your device’s Bluetooth connection to the amp, then going back to the amp to Pair again.

The problem is YOUR programming and design. This amp is great sounding when standing alone, working the controls on the amp itself, but try using a mobile device or tablet, and it’s failure as an amp is evident! This could be simply remedied with the design of a new application and updated, new programming of the amp. Instead, you continue to reply the same thing over and over again!

i ask every Code 25 owner here, am I wrong?!?

asked 30 Nov 2017 at 06:42 PM

Tommy Naccarato (17)
Not only Code25. I own the Code 100H, same thing. No Bluetooth at all. Copy and paste answers... - Roman Kuhn 30 Nov 2017 at 07:15 PM
No you are not - if you search my posts you can find a suggestion to Marshall change their software developer supplier.....what we canb do is to complain....before to move to a different Guitar Amplifier Brand - Giuseppe Ceruzzi 30 Nov 2017 at 07:49 PM
Marshall Amplification,
Your Customers are speaking. We expect to be heard! Seriously this is a matter which you should not ignore. Please Answer!
- Tommy Naccarato 30 Nov 2017 at 09:43 PM
As I already wrote, I have no problems with BT after updating v1.3. But I use the gateway app very rarely, only for uploading presets to my library, but always successfully. My phone is Google Nexus 6 if it matters. - Denis Moysienko 01 Dec 2017 at 07:50 AM
Totally agree with your comments the standard response give by Marshall team is disgraceful. Like I said in a preveous post it my first Marshall amp and it will be my last. I can't imagine that any of issues highlighted by yourself and many others will be addressed Marshall must know that this amp is terrible. - Martin Blyth 01 Dec 2017 at 06:28 PM
Been following these comments for a couple of weeks since I have been having the same problem. What I discovered is that the problem is not the amp but my phone. For all intents and purposes, the amp is just a dumb device that happens to have a Bluetooth connectivity board or circuit built into it. The primary connection device is the users phone, tablet, whatever that has the Bluetooth application. Anyone using a Bluetooth speaker should know and understand that the speaker has no application, just an ON/OFF switch and a Bluetooth circuit. It's the phone that makes the connection. So in my case, it was the phone that dropped or lost the connection to the amp. There was no way I could reconnect, even after shutting everything down and rebooting. Going through the Gateway app on my phone wouldn't work and the blue light on the amp would blink continually. What I then tried was turning off my Bluetooth on the phone, reactivating, and getting the app to pair up again to the amp. Problem solved. It's possible that all the wi-fi items I have in the house and garage are confusing the phone and Bluetooth but I haven't troubleshooted that as yet. I have found a simple work-around that, I agree, is less than ideal but gets me using the amp the way I want. I don't disagree with what users are saying but I also think that not every fault lies with the supplier. Perhaps a reasonable challenge to us users would be... if any musician is a programmer or electrical engineer then offer some assistance. I have yet to find any innovator who can design for every nuance we currently experience in this tech world. Also if anyone has another, better work-around then please submit to this forum.
- Dave Duncan 01 Dec 2017 at 10:40 PM
Hello Martin,
We do take all customers comments very seriously and all the issues highlighted are looked into by our team, we are sorry to hear this will be your last Marshall Amplifier, Marshall are always looking to improve the Code series with firmware updates and are currently working on a Bluetooth update.
- Marshall 04 Dec 2017 at 09:45 AM
Simply I can't understand why my paired amp can't connect with the app, it seems like a sort of security issue. Can't count how many hours spent trying to connect the two devices. - Massimo Romagnani 04 Dec 2017 at 12:55 PM
Hello Massimo,
Thank you for your comment, please can we ask what message you are receiving when trying to connect, that makes you think it is a security issue?
- Marshall 05 Dec 2017 at 10:03 AM
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YES - Come on Marshall - get this sorted out - I've just spent 60 minutes getting my Android to open the App - that's my practice time - gone! Frankly I first bought a Boss Katana 50 - but found the software impossible to install for a mere mortal human! So Marshall Code was recommended by my Dealer - so I exchanged them - I download the app - ok - I pair my android to the amp - ok blue light on! But will it connect - will it heck! Thats NO to non northern English folk out there!

My only solution so far is to un-pair my android EVERYTIME I log on - not acceptable.

I nearly bought a Fender Mustang GT with its mushy OD sounds - but no - rely on Marshall they say!!!!

I'm about to chuck the App and my Android into the long grass and just edit on the amp - ok but - not was it was built for,or just use my Fender Blues JR and pedalboard and send this US peice of junk back to where it came from - NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Maybe we should all send them back - that might wake Marshall up?

PS - we dpn't want any computer speak language to fix it - we want A FIX TO DOWNLOAD - get on it


answered 01 Dec 2017 at 08:13 PM

John Ashburn (11)
Exactly John! It’s ridiculous—I feel ridiculous having to waste what time I have, screwing around with this! I think we should all send them back! - Tommy Naccarato 01 Dec 2017 at 08:55 PM
Hello John,
We are currently working on a Bluetooth update, but your Code should remain connected to its last device sometime it can take a few minutes to re connect, until the light turns solid blue.
- Marshall 04 Dec 2017 at 09:21 AM
I’ve remained connected for over 20 minutes and it’s never connected. I’ve had to “forget the device” and pair it as new.

Next question:
How do you get the downloads from the site to upload to the Code 25 amp via Bluetooth?
- Tommy Naccarato 04 Dec 2017 at 04:25 PM
Hello Tommy,
Regarding your question, you cannot download directly via Bluetooth from the website you would need to use your Gateway App, or USB Connection.
The way to download is to follow the instructions below:

. Connect your device to the PC, log on to the web site, activate My Gateway through the web site, log on to MyMarshall through your device. Also make sure amp is on and Bluetooth connectivity is established.

2. Add / download any new preset to your Library then move those new presets into the main Library. Any preset position you overwrite will cause the previous preset to move into your Library.

3. Click SAVE. Go to your device, open MENU, select MY MARSHALL, select SYNC NOW to ensure that the Library list goes to your device. The SYNC does an automatic update but pressing SYNC NOW will at least allow you confirm the action. Close MENU.

4. On your device, tap the icon on the lower left of the screen to change the Library to PHONE mode. I think colour should now be blue, not gold / yellow.

5. Use a swipe to scroll through each new preset. What should happen is that each preset name will appear on the amp display. The EXIT/STORE indicator should also blink. This is because you are, in essence, making an edit to an existing preset. Press and hold the EXIT/STORE button until the display says Saved. Repeat this for each new preset until you have gone through your list. You could also try using the Library and tap each setting but I found it not as reliable as a swipe across the top of the home screen.

6. All preset listings should now match... amp, device and MyMarshall Gateway.
- Marshall 05 Dec 2017 at 10:20 AM


Hello Tommy,

We do take all customers complaints seriously and are sorry if you feel that you are not being listened to and our answers are copy and pasted, we are trying to give you all the trouble shooting information in the link we directed you to. 

You have stated that you are trying to connect with a Apple devices and having to re connect everytime this has been brought to the attention of our design team and it is being looked into and tested, if there is anymore information you can give on your side that can help our test conditions would be greatly appreciated. 

One aspect on the re connection we have found is that in some conditions you need to wait a little longer for the bluetooth to pair, for example-

When you turn on your amp and have the bluetooth switched on,  how long it is until you see the blue light flashng on your Code that indicates the CODE is trying to pair? it can take up to 30 seconds to re connect, sometimes in our test procedures we found that it is not connecting so press the REV and Power button to activate the bluetooth for a new connection, when if we waited a little longer it should find its last paired device. 


Kind Regards


Marshall Support

answered 01 Dec 2017 at 10:37 AM



I’ve got a $35 Boothtooth speaker that can connect in less then ten seconds!  You’ve read the complaints, you’ve seen the responses from others, yet you do nothing in terms of giving us the same high-hat “standard response.”  

We want changes.

We want better customer service, more personalized, instead of this “go to a forum so we can give you our standard brush you off” answer!

We want Bluetooth to connect without having to re-Pair the device every time we go to go use it!

We want a better app to control, because this one is clumsy and makes switching amps ridiculous time wise!

We want better, more thorough instructions, like the video series that exists no more because someone else had to do it for you. (Why don’t you tell us the real reason why the videos where pulled?)

I await your standard bullshit answer.


I ask everyone who agrees with me to make yourself Heard with a resounding YES!


answered 01 Dec 2017 at 03:54 PM

Tommy Naccarato (17)
YES!! - Roman Kuhn 01 Dec 2017 at 06:52 PM
Hello Tommy,
As we have stated in the previous comment we are currently working on a Bluetooth update, so please be patient and be assured that we are looking into the issues you have brought to our attention.
- Marshall 04 Dec 2017 at 09:26 AM
Much thanks!

Right now, trying again to wait for connect. So far, after five minutes, no connection has been established.
- Tommy Naccarato 04 Dec 2017 at 04:31 PM
30+ minutes later, no connection. - Tommy Naccarato 04 Dec 2017 at 05:01 PM
Marshall Support, If you need me to do anything in regards to curing this issue, please do not hesitate to ask! - Tommy Naccarato 04 Dec 2017 at 05:03 PM


I have the 100H.  I find it very intuitive.  I have no issues with the Bluetooth or PC.  It is a great amp for the money.

I do not work for Marshall, but I do find that their forums are clogged with similar frustrated complaints as any other brand's forum.  I think this is the expectation any time a brand puts out a product that interacts with devices or computers.

Hopefully, the angered complaints we see on this forum are not perceived to be from the majority of users.  I would like to see Marshall continue in the modelling market.

answered 03 Dec 2017 at 02:09 AM

Mark Hallman (25)
With all due respect, please don’t try to play this off as “an angry few.” You don’t understand the frustration I’ve been through after spending my hard earned money on an amp that doesn’t perform as advertised. Count your lucky stars, but don’t shame those of us that have legitimate complaints and are finding the customer service severely lacking. If Marshall intends to remain competitive in the market place, then they better have a modeling amp, otherwise they’ll be going the way of Gibson. The customers have spoken.

- Tommy Naccarato 03 Dec 2017 at 07:15 AM


The CODE 25 seems a very nice practice amp for $150.  It is comparable price and probably better and more versatile than the off-brand practice amp and name brand wah pedal I purchased way back when I first started playing.  Compare the CODE 25 to the JVM410 (a very nice amp), and ask yourself where a company might focus its greatest resources.  You get what you pay for.  Perhaps save a bit more of your hard earned money and purchase something more in line with your expectations.  Did you try The CODE25 in a store before you dropped the cash?  The CODE 100 has a much better Marshall sound than many other modelling manufacturers can provide.  I speak from having owned several multieffects pedals that couldn't deliver a good tube amp sound in the past...despite some of them including an actual tube.  Considering it includes a 100 w head and cabinet for around the same price, I think it delivers regardless of if it connects with whatever version of phone you were able to purchase.   Hopefully, Marshall will not be discouraged away from thus product line.

A $2000 guitar that is unplayable is a completely different issue and no fault of Marshall's.

I hear your frustrations, but I think you need to realign your expectations.  This is the forum.  My expectation was that the forum would be a good place to discuss/share patches and tips for the amps.  Instead, it is overrun by complaints that Marshall correctly directs to be addressed with the retailer.  You will find support under a different link at the top of this very page.

answered 03 Dec 2017 at 06:04 PM

Mark Hallman (25)
Go troll somewhere else! That’s my hopeful expectations - Tommy Naccarato 04 Dec 2017 at 04:32 PM
Mark, nothing to complain about the amp and I'll be very pleased to discuss/share all the tips & tricks & presets & more.
Now, I wish to tweak my amp with the app as expected (and promised).
- Massimo Romagnani 05 Dec 2017 at 10:40 AM


My Code 50 works flawlessly and performs all of the functions properly as outlined by Marshall so I have no complaints or frustations as you do. However I dont think for one second that Marshall has or is turning their back on the issues at hand or is heading in the direction of Gibson ( lmao).

I believe they are diligently working on a fix and want their product to perform as described but, it must be just as frustrating to them to have one persons amp work flawlessly but anothers doesnt especially if they cant replicate the problem in house.

They obviously know of the issues that plague some users but they just cant keep rolling out firmware updates if it wont fix the issue.

I'm wondering  myself what would cause the bluetooth issue with some units but not on others. It's the same identical software in my amp as in yours. So does the problem lie within the amp or within your devices.  It also seems to be more prevelant with the Code25 and not so much with the Code50.

Have you tried  a different phone with your unit to see if it works ? I'm in Socal also, North San Diego County. It would be interesting to see if my phone connects to your amp and works or if your phone connects and works with my code. Could be an experiment worth exploring and one that Marshall might be interested in the results.

I have been a beta tester for a mobil phone company to test new software before its rolled out to the masses and the feedback is very valuable to a company, just as your complaints are to Marshall. A field test is very valuable info to help troubleshoot the problems.

If you would like to get together sometime and do some testing I would be more then willing to lend a hand.



answered 17 Dec 2017 at 12:51 AM

steve strano (1)
Steve, Thank you so much for the offer! I’d take you up in it, but unfortunately had to return the amp as the next time I went to use it, it had power, but no sound. I was going to buy a replacement, have my credit in hand, but I’m holding off till after Christmas, for prices to go down. - Tommy Naccarato 17 Dec 2017 at 01:21 AM
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