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I am wanting to set my number three pedal on the footswitch of my Code 50 as my tap tempo across all presets. Is this possible, or do I need to do it per preset?

Also - if you can please run me through how to do this.



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Alun Davies
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PRESET Mode enables you to assign any of CODE’s 100 Presets to 30 locations within the footcontroller. That’s ten Banks, each containing three Presets.
The footcontroller’s two-digit display shows on its left the BANK that you are currently on (A –J), and on its right it shows the Preset
location NUMBER you are currently on: 1, 2 or 3, which correspond with footcontroller buttons 1, 2 and 3.
The fourth footcontroller button selects the BANK. Press once to increment the BANK. Press and hold to decrement the BANK.
When you have selected your BANK, the location NUMBER will flash on the display, indicating a location has not been chosen.
Press footcontroller button 1 – 3 to select your location.

Storing a Preset to a footcontroller location:
• Select a Preset on your CODE amplifier that you wish to store to the footcontroller.
• Choose a location on the footcontroller that you wish to store to: BANK A - J.
• While holding down the EXIT/STORE switch on the amplifier panel, press and release the desired button on the footcontroller: 1 - 3.
• Your chosen Preset will now be recalled when you select that footcontroller location.

SWITCH Mode enables you to use footcontroller buttons 1 – 3 to activate or deactivate assigned Section Switches and functions on the amplifier’s panel.
To enter SWITCH Mode from PRESET Mode, press and hold any of the footcontroller buttons: 1 - 3.
NOTE: Press and hold the currently active button to change Mode without changing Preset.
Press and hold either of the remaining buttons to change Mode while activating that button’s assigned Preset.
The footcontroller display will show the Preset number that you are currently on.
The three ASSIGNED SWITCH LEDs on the right side of the footcontroller show the status of the corresponding Section Switch: 1, 2 and 3. Red means the Section Switch is active, and Green means it is inactive.
NOTE: The TAP Delay LED will flash red in time with the current Tap Tempo Delay setting.

Footcontroller button 1 – 3 default Section Switch assignment is:
1. PRE FX 2. MOD 3. DEL

To change the default Section Switch assignments:
• Ensure the footcontroller is in SWITCH mode.
• Press and hold your desired Section Switch or Tuner/Tap Tempo function on the amplifier panel and then immediately select and
release the footcontroller button that you wish to assign: 1 - 3.
• Your selected Section Switch or Tuner/Tap Tempo function will now be assigned to the corresponding footcontroller button.
• When you have assigned a panel function to a footcontroller button, pressing EXIT/STORE will return you to the main Preset screen.
• To overwrite it, repeat this process.
NOTE: To exit SWITCH Mode and return to PRESET Mode, press the BANK footcontroller button.

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Jacek Klimkiewicz (234)

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Jacek Klimkiewicz (234)
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