Very low output power: Marshall Code 100 H amplifier and a Marshall Cabinet model Cabinet Marshall Marshall MX412BR


I have a technical query that I'm sure professionals like yourselves can help me with.

I bought a Marshall Code 100 H amplifier and a Marshall Cabinet model  Cabinet Marshall Marshall MX412BR from you.

 The first observation is that when we're rehearsing, with my 100W of power, I can hardly hear myself, and it seems like my amplifier can't provide more power. In contrast, my bandmate has a Fender Classic 40W, and it seems excessively louder compared to my 100W. My potentiometers are almost at "10," whereas my bandmate's are at "5."

 This is the first difference I can't understand. The next question relates to power and impedance. If my cabinet is 16 ohms and my amp head is 8 ohms, I see that it's half, is this normal, or should the amplifier also be 16 ohms, or should the cabinet be 8 ohms? In the specifications of my amplifier, it says: Output: Speaker output 8 ohms minimum impedance.

 I hope you can please help me solve this problem, as a Marshall 100W amplifier Code 100 H sounds very distant and as if it were only 30W of power.

 Thank you very much.

asked 08 Mar 2024 at 08:08 AM

xavi Fernández Gaya
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1. Does this problem occur for all presets?

2. "My potentiometers are almost at "10" - what ptentiometers do you mean?

3. Do you use any of PRE FX effects like compressor or distortion? If so - what are volume settings of these effects?

4. What happens when you connect you guitar with your cable to your bandmate's amp?

When you connect 16 ohms cabinet to 8 ohms 100W amplifier total power is reduced to 50W, but still it should be more than enough. I've got CODE 25 and it's loud as hell... :-)

answered 08 Mar 2024 at 11:23 AM

Jacek Klimkiewicz (234)


Check what the "actual" sound you are trying to amplify is first, try headphones in the amp, if it still sounds "distant" then I would suspect something in the settings, maybe try backing up your sounds and resetting the amp.

Bear in mind there is a "Master"control for the overall amp, but each patch also has its own volume level set by the "Volume" control. It is possible to have each patch level set so low that with the master on full you can hardly hear the amp.

As has been said before you will get less power out a 16 ohm cab (8 ohm is optimum impedence), but yes, it should be pretty loud I would have thought.

answered 01 Apr 2024 at 10:13 PM

Joliet Jake (126)
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