I cannot factory reset my code 25


Hi guys, i tried to update firmware with chrome on my Apple computer. Your support told me to use PC. I dont have a PC!

So i went to factory reset my amp and no luck. Only message i see is "chk usb" and  no reset is possible.

I need help as i dont care anymore about firmware updates just want to play on my Amp.


asked 02 Apr 2024 at 02:30 PM

Zoran Sokolovski (1)
Did you factory reset first, or try to update the software first?
To perform a factory reset on your Marshall CODE 25/50 amplifier and return it to the factory settings, you will need to power of the amplifier first. Once it is powered off, press and hold the "AMP" button while powering on the amp. Once you see the confirmation screen on the display saying "Presets reset", press and hold the "STORE" button to confirm the factory reset. You can press any other button to cancel the operation.
Once you factory reset, reconnect and try to update the firmware. I use an iMac and had no issues with it using Safari, so whoever told you you can only do it with PC and Chrome is not too bright.
- Richard Stackon 03 Apr 2024 at 07:58 PM
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also, are you sure you're using a USB with data transfer ability? Some USB cables only charge devices. I ended up buying a dedicated USB cable that transfers data, and it works like a charm.

answered 05 Apr 2024 at 05:49 PM

Richard Stackon
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